Worship team/choir

Skillfully headed up by our Music Director, Melodie Parsons, and our worship leader, Brad Perkinson, our music ministry is always looking for additional voices. Due to the nature of this ministry it is not necessarily open to all people simply because not everyone can sing. However, if singing is indeed a gift of yours please stop by after service and talk to either Melody or Brad about getting connected. 

The choir rehearses every Wednesday from 6:30-8 and briefly on Sunday mornings before the 10:45 am service.

*Note about the Band

Our worship leader, Brad, is always on the lookout for gifted musicians willing to serve. If you are interested in playing with the band, in a full-time or backup role, please see Brad after church on Sunday or email him at the address below. Musicians join the band by way of audition. And remember, we believe character trumps talent every time! 

Email: worship@smyrna1897.org to get connected.

First Touch teams

DISCLAIMER: There will always be a need for another volunteer in this massive ministry so please don't hesitate to sign up if you're interested!

Email: assocpastor2@smyrna1897.org to get connected.


  • This team is positioned at our main entrances before Sunday School (9:45) and again before the worship service (10:45) to ensure that every guest who enters our building is warmly welcomed and appropriately directed
  • Requires people skills, a bright smile and a positive attitude!


  • This team is positioned around and inside our sanctuary before our worship service to distribute bulletins, aid guests in finding available seating, and taking up the offering.
  • Requires people skills and a calm demeanor (in the case of rowdy or malicious guests).


  • This team (only consisting of two people at a time) is positioned in the welcome center before our worship service.
  • Requires people skills and an ability to relay information to guests and answer their questions, and to work in an organized manner.  

Kids and Students

Visit our children's page and student's page to see our weekly ministries!

Email: youthpastor@smyrna1897,org to find out how to serve in our youth ministry

Email: kidz@smyrna1897.org to find out how to serve in our children's ministry

Media-Sound team

Our Media and Sound team consists of 3-5 people per service. This particular ministry requires a variety of specific skills. However, our team is more than ready to train anyone willing to make the time commitment to be part of this team. 

Email: mediasound@smyrna1897.org to find out about a serving opportunity!