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We believe that the Christian life is meant to be lived in community. This means that we exist, in part, to build relationships with one another and to grow together in our love for Christ. At Smyrna, the way we seek such a biblical community is through our Sunday school classes. In Sunday school you will meet fellow believers who are ready and willing to encourage you in your walk and you will sit under solid biblical teaching which will serve in equipping you to live faithfully as you continue following Christ. Sunday school is a primary way to connect with people in our church in a more laid back, personal atmosphere. There is a class designed for every age group and stage of life so be sure to check out a class that fits you!

  • College & Career - 18+

    Teacher: Daniel Davis (Room #117A - Gym)

    There are many challenges and changes n life, especially right after graduation from high school! This season is full of important decisions and development of friendships that will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, it is also a time of great transition and can present challenges to those who are trying to build a community and think biblically about their future. Our college and career class is full of those who are on the same journey with you. Join us for a time if Bible study and meaningful dialogue about what life is throwing your way in early adulthood.

  • BRIDGES - ages 18-30

    Teacher: Russ Joyner (Room #106 - Conference room)

    A group of young people who love to study the Word together. This class is a mix of young professionals, newlyweds, and parents who enjoy a sweet time of fellowship and Bible study dedicated to understanding and applying the Bible to their stage of life.

  • Growing Families - Ages 20-30+

    Teacher: Kurt Jones (Room #117B - Gym)

    Young families are in a  wonderful time of life, but man can it be stressful! This group is full of fellow parents with infants, toddlers and small children who are ready to celebrate and commiserate with you, all the while encouraging you with the Word of God to continue to walk in obedience as you raise the next generation.

  • Parents 'R' Us - Ages 30-40+

    Teacher: Pastor Aaron Bobo (Room #129)

    Parenthood is a wild ride. It's full of ups and downs and it is the kind of journey that nobody should attempt alone. If you are a parent of an infant, toddler, child or youth, we would love to invite you to navigate the challenges of parenthood with us! Our class is geared towards weekly "pick-me-ups", helpful truths about raising disciples and a wonderful fellowship which is grounded in our conviction that the Bible is able to instruct and encourage us as we seek to train up faithful believers and grow in our faith as well. 

  • The Melting Pot - Ages 35-70+

    Teacher: Pastor Robert Rowland (Sanctuary)

    Do you want to get to know folks from every demographic of our fellowship? If so, Melting Pot is the place for you! As the name suggests, this class is truly a mixture of every stage of life in our church. From Parents to senior adults, this group represents all life stages providing a wonderful opportunity to meet and develop community with the church at large. As always, this class is dedicated to helping you find and build community around solid, expositional teaching of Scripture.

  • Generations - Ages 40-70+

    Teacher: Joe Parsons (Room #122)

    Are you an adult looking for a class full of folks from different generations? This class is for you! "Generations" is a group of folks 40's-70's who love o apply the Word of God broadly to their lives. The lessons are always geared towards practical application and the fellowship is sweet and varied as you interact with folks from a variety of life stages. 

  • Refocus on Christ - Ages 40-60+

    Teacher: Tony Lowery (Room #123)

    So, your kids reached adulthood (hooray!), but now what? Refocus is a group of men and woman who are doing what the class suggests...refocusing on faithful living in the middle years of life. Join this group for weekly encouragement and Bible instructions geared towards living obediently in the "new normal."

  • Pathfinders - Ages 55-80+

    Teacher: Naurice Wells (Room #127)

    The book of Psalm says, "Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path" (Psalm 119:105). In Pathfinders, we take that verse seriously! This class is a group of middle-aged to senior adults who are growing in their knowledge of the Scriptures in faith that the Bible can light the way for all of life's difficult decisions and journeys.

  • Branches - Ages 55-80+

    Teacher: Chuck Johnson (Room #130

    This group of senior adults believes in serious Bible study! Every week, we walk through various texts of Scripture together, mining for truths we can apply to our lives and encouraging one another to stay strong in our faith. Join us for wonderful fellowship centered around a dedicated and thorough study of the Bible.

  • Aging Gracefully - Ages 60-99

    Teacher: John Costley (Room #125)

    Sometimes it's nice to talk with others who are going through the same challenges, and our senior adults have plenty of them. This is a group of men and women who are dedicated to living out their retirement years full of grace even as they continue to grow in knowledge.

  • Men's Class - Ages 18-99

    Teacher: Dr. John Clay (Room #120-Choir Room) 

    Men, it can be very challenging to find a group of  guys who are open, honest and helpful in your Christian journey. Let's be honest, sometimes there are some really difficult situations and decisions that are made easier when we have some godly, mature and concerned brothers to consult. Our men's Sunday school class is dedicated to providing such a forum for you. This class is centered on the Bible but in a discussion-based way. We like to interact with the Scriptures and seek to apply them to our own situations all the while leaving space for your questions as well. 

  • Women's Class - Ages 18-99

    Teacher: Rhonda Kester (Room #131)

    Our women's class is a group of kind-hearted, encouraging ladies who desire to know one another and encourage each other with the Word of God. This class has ladies from all walks and stages of life guaranteeing great wisdom and experience with almost any circumstance. Join us as we walk through the Bible and encourage one another to stay strong together!

  • Ladies Precept - Ages 18-99

    Teacher: Cheryl Gray (Room #126)

    This class offers a women's in-depth, structured study of God's Word utilizing the Precept Bible study materials.