Operation Christmas Child

Operation Christmas Child is a ministry of Samritan's Purse. Samaritan's Purse is a worldwide Christian organization that exists to help those in need. 

Operation Christmas Child encourages people to pack shoeboxes, for boys and/or girls, with as many small Christmas gifts as will fit! They ship these boxes to overseas countries where the impact made for the Kingdom of God is astonishing! 

Smyrna is now a part of the year-round engagement. That means that we want to store up items for these shoe boxes all year long! During each month of the year we will post an "item of the month" for you to purchase (for extremely little cost). It may be socks or toothbrushes, etc, and at the end of the year we will hopefully have many, many more shoe boxes to send to the children in need all across the world. 

For more information please talk to Larry Caramela or Angie Adkins or email Pastor Joe at assocpastor2@smyrna1897.org

Busy fingers ministry

The A.S.K foundation exists to make life better for children with cancer. The way that Smyrna participates in that mission is by knitting small fleece caps for the young cancer patients. Cancer treatment usually tends to make one weak or sickly, along with the loss of hair. So the caps provide a beautiful way for the children to keep warm and healthy while also providing stylish head gear. 

Along with the caps, our "Busy Fingers" ministry crochet's shawls, blankets, lap robes, and washcloths. Many of these gifts go to Operation Christmas Child.

For more information see Carol Hege or email Pastor Joe at assocpastor2@smyrna1897.org