vision virginia's JUNE & JULY emphasis

VISION VIRGINIA is a missions offering collected by the Southern Baptist Convention of Virginia (SBCV) that goes directly towards the mission field. Areas such as disaster relief, internship scholarships, church planting and food distribution are all ministries that benefit from Vision Virginia.

Each month Vision Virginia provides a new opportunity to give towards a specific need in our world. 

For June-July 2016 the need is for shoes for Barnabas Global Link. Barnabas Global Link (BGL) is a faith based ministry operating out of Virginia Beach that exists to expand the name of Jesus Christ by training indigenous pastors and leaders in India to plant churches in their homeland, one of  the world's largest mission fields.

India is THE most crowded country in the world! It is the 2nd most populated country in the world with a population of over 1.28 BILLION people! However, India is half the land size of the next largest country in the world and that is China. China has 1.4 billion people, but is nearly 3 times as large! Continuing reading under the "How to Help" section below to see how supporting BGL can help spread the gospel in India.


  • Pray for the ministry, the pastors, and the people of India.
  • GIVE YOUR SHOES! That pair of shoes collecting dust on the floor of your closet can make a real difference through BGL's fund raising program called "Soles for Souls." Through this program, new and used shoes are sold to an organization that processes them for sale primarily in Africa. The funds are then used to conduct more training seminars (teacher travel and lodging, renting meeting space, printing materials, etc.) and translating seminar manuals. 
  • Shoes must be collected by July 31, 2016. 

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